There are more than almost a million people in Canada with some type of intellectual disability ranging from very mild to profound.

Many people with intellectual disabilities are living on or below the poverty line. They barely have enough money to cover rent, food and basic health expenses. This means that recreational activities and specialized equipment that would contribute to a better quality of life are simply out of reach.

Help us ensure that people of all abilities have opportunities to be included in their community. With the support of many generous donors, our fundraising campaigns support the purchase of accessibility equipment; cover the cost of specialized housing needs; assist families with respite; send children to camp; provide youth with skills development; offer adults and seniors recreational and leisure activities.  

Donor Bill of Rights


 “For years our 2 sons and granddaughter have been benefitting from services that Simcoe Community Services provides. From infancy to adulthood you have touched our lives and watched them grow. Along our path you provided us with knowledgeable, caring and compassionate people. Thank you for the last 34 years and more to come, providing an outstanding service for our children. Our donation is our way of saying thank you for caring.”

 R. & T. King ~ monthly donors

Paul’s Story

Paul came to be supported by Simcoe Community Services over 12 years ago.  Along with being blind and unable to communicate using words, he has an intellectual disability. Paul communicates using sign language and by making sounds.  Paul doesn’t leave the house much; social settings are challenging for him so he shies away from people, and only tolerates activities for a small amount of time.  Together with his support workers, Paul developed his personal plan and set life goals, which included going horseback riding. Paul has very little money to fund this plan. His support workers requested funding from the Foundation so Paul could participate in weekly lessons.  On their first visit to the farm, Paul’s support workers weren’t sure how he would respond and were afraid he wouldn’t get on the horse.  They were so wrong. Paul jumped right on Sprig (the horse) with a huge grin and looked right at home sitting up proudly.  It was an instant connection. Paul enjoys each and every minute he spends with Sprig and his skills are advancing each time they ride. Since participating in the horseback riding lessons, staff are happily surprised that Paul has become more social and trusting of them and other people too.  People that have known Paul for years couldn’t imagine him doing anything like this. The horse was Paul’s eyes and provided him with freedom, independence and the ability to connect with others. We need your support to help make the dreams of others like Paul come true.  



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